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Savage Arms verkauft

Die renommierte Gewehrfabrik Savage Arms ist einer Pressemitteilung zufolge vom bisherigen Inhaber, der Vista Outdoor Group, verkauft worden. Neuer Inhaber ist eine Manager-Gruppe um den bisherigen Vorstandsvorsitzenden (CEO) Al Kasper. Savage wurde 1894 gegründet und ist heute einer der der weltweit größten Hersteller von Jagdbüchsen und Flinten. In Deutschland werden die Waffen von der Hofmann Mellrichstadt GmbH importiert.

Westfield, Massachusetts – July 8, 2019 – Vista Outdoor announced today the sale of Savage Arms, one of the world's largest manufacturers of hunting rifles and shotguns, in a management led buyout to a group of investors headed by Al Kasper, the president and CEO of Savage. The press release can be found here.

“We want to thank Vista Outdoor for the support over the last six years. They invested in us and provided guidance in the transformation of the Savage brand, further develop our product portfolio and enter new markets,” said Al Kasper, Savage President and Chief Executive Officer. “Savage is an extremely strong brand and in a great position to keep charging forward. The momentum gained under Vista Outdoor will propel us for future success. It is business as usual and Savage is excited to continue building on existing relationships within the firearms industry.”

Savage, Stevens and Fox shotguns have been delivering innovative products for more than 125 years. In 1894, Savage forever changed the world of firearms with a commitment to a higher standard in quality. Savage has built a reputation for continuously improving firearm design while becoming the standard for accuracy and value in the industry.

“We are excited to build on the Savage legacy and are blasting into our next chapter. Here at Savage we are excited to show you what we have coming, because we are just getting our barrels warm! You’ll see more customizable platforms based on our incredibly versatile Accufit stock system, and a continued focus on making your firearm best fit your shooting and hunting needs.” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing. “As we are transitioning, you’ll see more detailed information coming, with updated contacts and information.”